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                    "  As we are on a great mounten, we desire your honers to give us the name of  - Mount Washington  "

                               - 1777 Petition for Incorporation


                  View of Mount Washington, the "Dome" known as the highest peak, from Baldwin Hill Farm, South Egremont, MA, 2009



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One Nation under God -


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"This town among the clouds, as it were -   

 is not only rich in picturesque scenery,   

    but has an eventful & interesting history."    

  - Hebert F Keith



New pictures have been added of individual graves in:

Mount Washington Cemetery in Mount Washington and Town House Hill Cemetery in South Egremont taken in 2009


Photos of Mount Washington past and present, residents and descendents thereof both past and present are continually sought after. If you are in possession any such photos

- Don't be shy, by all means, PLEASE, contact me!



Robert Livingston, Third Lord, 1708-1790

"The smallest town in Massachusetts was known originally as Taghconic Mountain, the mountains were here being part of the Taconic Range. Its earliest inhabitants were (Indians) Mahicans who had been forced from the Hudson Valley by the Mohawks and, later, the Dutch. The first whites to settle here were Dutch traders from NY, who began to make permanent homes here in the 1690's. The Lord of the Manor at the time was Robert Livingston, Dutch by birth, but the son of a Scottish Presbyterian minister who had been exiled to Holland. When, in 1755, he sent an armed party to collect the rent owed him by English settlers, a skirmish erupted in which William Race was killed. Later, Livingston's henchmen burned six English houses. After the Revolutionary War, the town was incorporated as Mt. Washington, one of the first place names to honor the victorious war general."

          -   Appalachian Trail Names, David Lillard, pg. 84, 2002          ______________________________________________


    Click on the links below to read about the history of      Mount Washington & it's previous residents. 

stack of books falls from above animated gif"Mount Washington" by Herbert F Keith

        "Historical Sketch of Mt Washington"               by O.E. Lamson 1810-1904

      Historical  Address of June 1, 1907             Collections of the Berkshire County Historical and Scientific Society

Sage's Ravine - "Mischief & Miscellany"                                 SHEFFIELD - FRONTIER TOWN by Lillian E. Preiss, 1976

1862 Family History written by Stanton A Campbell 1817-1893

1752 document with a list of Dutch Farmers of Taughkanic Mountain (Mt Washington, Mass)

The Incorporation of the town of Mount Washington & Its soldiers of the Revolutionary War by Michele (Patterson) Valenzano descendent of Capt. Charles Patterson



The links below have been found useful in researching branches of Mt Washington Genealogy

The Sheffield (MA) Historical Society 

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Dutchess County, NY, History & Genealogy

Litchfield County, CT AHGP Project

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Berkshire County Mass Cemeteries Project


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This web site has been created to be a useful tool for family researchers who have followed their family history back to the town of Mount Washington in Berkshire County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For further information please read About Me. If you would like to make an inquiry, suggestion or if you have any information you would like to see posted on this website, your contributions are sought, welcome and appreciated. PLEASE feel free to contact me.



Orrin Whitbeck 1827-1911 lifelong resident of Mt Washington and past town clerk buried in Mount Washington Cemetery

Photo Album

 View photos of the area of  Mt Washington, Engravings,  Portraits, Cemeteries and more



Burial Records

Old Burial Ground 

         'tis a pleasing thought -           that although we meet in this world but to part,

and love only to have the object of our affection snatched from us when it seems most dear -

       that there is a world above -     a heavenly home, where sorrows never come, and where friends never part -

- Edmund Dewitt Patterson September 9, 1863

Edmund Dewitt Patterson 1842-1914 was a Confederate Civil War POW and Great-grandson of Revolutionary War Veteran Capt. Charles Patterson 1745-1837 of Mount Washington, Mass. The memoirs of EDP published as a book in 2004 is excellent reading for a Civil War buff regardless of bias to the history of the Union or Confederacy -




              Sage's Ravine 



Bash Bish Falls 

View Family Trees

of Mount Washington, Mass

tree spring summer fall autumn winter snow animated gif

Lord, help me dig into the past

and sift the sand of time

that I might find the roots that make

this family tree of mine.

 Lord, help me trace the ancient roads

on which my fathers trod

and led them through so many lands

to find our present sod 

Lord, help me find an ancient book

or dusty manuscript,

that's safely hidden now away

in some forgotten crypt. 

Lord, let it bridge the gaps that haunt

my soul when I can't find,

this missing link between a name

that ends the same as mine.

- Robert Wood





       Church of Christ in Mt Washington 2006



Photo of the church on a 1906 post card







Thinking of visiting Mount Washington for yourself and wondering where to lay your head?Click on the link below to:

Visit Baldwin Hill Farm B&B

Baldwin Hill Farm B&B is owned and operated by my good friends Richard and Priscilla Burdsall the most hospitable B&B owners in the Berkshire Hills located in South Egremont, MA a stones throw from Mount Washington with a breathe taking view thereof!

Wondering from where I took the picture above of Mount Washington?

Answer: from their back yard!




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